Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm: How to Be Amazing in Bed Part 2

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Written by James Wong.

So you and baby girl _____ are passionately making out and you haven’t yet broken connection with her. She’s moaning and her hips are arching. She’s thrashing getting more and more agressive as she badly wants you in. She’s almost demanding you fuck her. By now, after all the foreplay, teasing, and hovering, there should be no doubt she’s ready.

Step 6: Locating the G-Spot

At this point you should have only been massaging the sides of her vagina, the labia, and her butt. Its time you finally dip your finger into that warm wetness.

Your patience and self-control will be pushed and tested, but don’t give in, you’re so close..

Slide your finger into her very slowly, barely dipping your finger to let it become moist. Pull out and dip again, each time letting your finger get a little deeper. Keep light pressure on the front wall of the vagina.

Quick tip: When fingering, many dudes don’t know better and plunge their fingers as deeply into the vagina as possible and wiggle it around. This is dumb. Girls don’t like that. Aside from the hidden G-Spot, most of the sensitive nerves lie within the first 2 inches of the vagina. Your goal is to stimulate the outer nerve endings. Hence the adage: It’s not what you’ve got, its how you use it.

Now that your finger is well within her vagina, slide your index finger into her, rubbing the front or upper wall of the vagina. At about 1 to 1.5 inches inside, you’ll feel a slightly textured area of skin. It feels somewhat like the roof of your mouth. A little bit further beyond this textred area lies the pelvic bone. The G-spot is hidden just a little bit after the pelvic bone. If you go to far you’ll feel a smooth platuea that is flat for an inch or two. If you do, just back up and explore for the area between the textured area and the pelvic bone. The G-spot feels like a very small nipple. If you were to have you finger in her vagina and do a “come here” motion you would feel the wall of her vagina; within that wall is her G-spot. Some G-spots are small some are big, you’re looking for something similar to a small bean..

Step 7: Stimulating the G-spot

Once you’ve found the G-spot or you think you did, begin rubbing her lightly in a circular manner. Rub her G-spot as if you were tracing the rim of a quarter at a rate of one revolution per second. Put pressure similar to the amount you would use to draw something on a steam-fogged mirror.

You can use one or two fingers. Pay attention to her reactions. She’ll show you what she likes more.

This might take 2 minutes or it might take 10 minutes but eventually as you continue to caress her G-spot in a circular motion, you’ll feel the area swell. It gets a more grainy feel. She might not have an immediate reaction to everything your doing but wants her G-spot is aroused and erect, she’ll go nuts and tell you it feels so good and to never stop.

Rhythm is the absolute key! As long as you maintain a steady rhythm, building off each wave of ecstasy, you will begin to see things you’d never thought a girl could possibly do. Each wave of ecstasy will come at little higher intensity than the previous; they will begin to cascade and surge faster and faster. There will be a point where just as one wave is beginning to fade, the next is already swelling. As these waves of ecstasy continue, you’ll notice her vagina constricting and tightening almost to the point where either your finger gets stuck in there or her vagina begins to push out your finger.

If you are stimulating her G-spot for 10 minutes or longer at one revolution per second and she’s not thrashing her head, it might be time to try a different touch. Try putting more pressure or going a tad bit faster. All girls are different, some need more time. Knowing how to use your finger, at what pace, and the different combinations of stimulating her G-spot all comes with time, practice, and experimentation. My advice is to keep it slow at steady rhythm and touch lightly.

This technique usually takes 20 minutes or more of stimulation to complete, but when she does, she’ll be screaming in ecstasy. Please don’t bitch out and stop cause your poor forearm is getting tired. You’ll disappoint her, she knows massive ecstasy is in the near future.

Warning: It’s very hard not to get all excited when you see your girl spasming and start rubbing at her G-spot more agressively. BAD MOVE. I’ve done it before and I regret it every time. It’s better to try to remain cool, calm, and controlled and keep up the G-spot stimulation with the same rhythm and touch. You might get to see her orgasm for minutes on end.. This is how some couples are able to say they can maintain an orgasm for 20 or more minutes.

Step 8: The “Big O”

With the next wave of esctasy continuing and you’re in total awe of how her vagina has been able to push you finger out, you’ll notice her becoming wetter and wetter. A clear fluid will either ejaculate or weep out of the her vagina. The vagina will begin to convulse violently.. By this time your girl will be thrashing wildly and screaming, “Don’t stop! Don’t you dare fucking stop! Oh, my, God! Don’t Stop!” This is where the nincompoop goes so hard she loses it. Remember to control your emotions and stick with the rhythm that got you here.


If you kept it up, she would screamed with a gasping sound and would have finally crested over to the top. But stop there! Keep moving your finger until she tells you to stop or the orgasm fade, you never know if she might just keep going.

You just opened a whole new can of whoop-ass! You set her free..

The Little Death

Immediately after the orgasm, your girl will probably pass through a phase called “the little death.” She’ll appear dead for like 5 to 10 seconds. Don’t panic. She is usually so overwhelmed by what an amazing job you did she “floated in delirium.”

Afterwards though, she’ll dreamily open her eyes, tell you that was the most amazing sexual experience in the world, and will announce you the master of sex.

Take a moment and congratulate yourself. Thanks to the knowledge you’ve gained through evolving your sexual performance, you’ll always have the super power of giving girls the best orgasm they’ve ever had.

Final words

Right before your girl goes over the top to her orgasm, you can join her with your penis. The change from your finger to your penis may really delight her, and by this point, having watched her spasm, thrash, and scream, your self-control will be long gone. So as long as she’s down, dive in, and enjoy the orgasm with her. Feeling a wet, contracting vagina sucking at your penis is an experience unlike no other. I can’t even explain it. It’s I can say is “Wow, wow, wow, wow.” You’ll want it again and again, little quickies will feel like shit afterwards.

There you go! I wish you all amazing powerful sex in the near future. PLEASE comment with your story on how well the technique worked for you. We would all love to know.

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